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250 Japanese Knitting Stitches

325,47 kr inkl moms

Författare Hitomi Shida

250 Japanese Knitting Stitches contains the original collection of knitting stitches first published by Hitomi Shida in 1996. Copies of the original Japanese edition have been jealously coveted by knitters around the world, and now Tuttle Publishing brings you this classic in English for the first time!

Hitomi Shida’s previous work, the Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible was released by Tuttle in October 2017 and has already been purchased (and tested) by thousands of avid knitters who are thrilled to discover a treasure trove of elegant and intricate new patterns. 250 Japanese Knitting Stitches was Hitomi Shida’s first effort and, like its successor, is filled with her highly original and beautiful designs and variations on knitting classics.

Translated and introduced by veteran knitting instructor Gayle Roehm, the best-known teacher of Japanese knitting in America. Roehm guides knitters through the particulars of the patterns and explains how to execute the stitches.

This knitting reference book features the following:

  • Stitches designed for borders and edgings
  • Beautiful cable stitches, both simple and elaborate
  • Elegant popcorn stitches from fine to bold
  • Multiple variations on individual patterns

Shida’s finished projects are a wonder to behold and accomplished knitters will brave even the most daunting of stitch patterns to create them. Filled with 250 distinctive and inventive patterns—with a stitch diagram and photo for each pattern—this highly anticipated book is destined to be on every knitter’s bookshelf.

Antal sidor Häftad, 160 sidor

Språk Engelska

Utgivningsår 2018

Förlag Tuttle

ISBN 9784805314838

A Stitch in Time vol. 2

419,81 kr inkl moms

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60 original patterns from 1920-1949 reproduced and digitally enhanced
Rewritten and updated versions of every pattern
Sympathetically multi-sized to retain the true vintage look
Beautifully photographed with authentic vintage styling
Up-dated yarn requirements for each pattern
Includes sizes from 30 to 60 inches
Chronologically arranged
A wealth of information about the changing styles

This modern day classic brings you 60 fabulous, vintage knitting patterns for women: From the 1920s tubular look to the feminine charms of the 1930s. The military style of the war years through to the glamour of the late 1940s.  This iconic treasury is filled with stunning full-colour photography, faithfully styled, of updated versions of these gorgeous knits. Each design is unique and perfectly captures the charm of its era.

From evening wear to swimsuits, the original patterns have been re-written, updated and carefully resized for modern shapes, using contemporary yarns. The patterns are chronologically arranged, each chapter with an insightful essay on the history of knitting’s Golden Age.

This is Vintage Knitting for the Twenty First Century

This book is inspirational not just to the knitter but also to the designer, collector, fashion student, dress historian, stylist and anyone in love with yesteryear.

Crewelwork av Jacqui McDonald (Royal School of Needlework)

179,25 kr inkl moms

The Royal School of Needlework teaches hand embroidery to the highest standard, developing techniques in new and innovative ways. This book includes an extensive stitch guide, covering all the stitches necessary for crewel embroidery, a design section, and a history of the Royal School itself.

Antal sidor Spiralbunden 96 sidor

Utgivningsår 2010

Förlag Search Press

Språk Engelska

ISBN 9781844485505

Estonian Knitting I

Estonian Knitting 1 Traditions and Techniques

462,26 kr inkl moms
Författare Anu Pink, Siiri Reimann, Kristi Jõeste
For a very long time, every girl and woman living in the small territory of Estonia on the shores of the Baltic Sea has known how to knit.
Museum collections have preserved thousands of wonderful mittens, gloves, socks, stockings, caps, jumpers, cardigans and more. Many of these items were made for more than just keeping warm, their functions were also to protect and adorn the wearer as well as to showcase the maker’s care and skill. 
Estonian knitting is worthy of exploring in every respect, whether it be choosing the appropriate palette or pattern, or using authentic techniques. 
  • History of Estonian knitting
  • Overview of types of garments knitted in the 18th and 19th centuries
  • Suitable yarns and needles
  • Introduction to the Estonian knitwear colour palette
  • Estonian techniques with clear instructions and illustrations
  • 212 stitch patterns from Estonian knitwear
Antal sidor Inbunden, 300 sidor
Språk Engelska
Utgivningsår 2016
Förlag Saara Kirjastus
ISBN 9789949978205

Estonian Knitting 2 Socks and Stockings

561,32 kr inkl moms
Författare Anu Pink
For centuries Estonian knitters have created beauty using needle and yarn – everything that caught their eye found its way into patterns simple and elaborate, full of colour and magic. Knitted items are not, nor were they ever, only a way to keep the body warm, they protect and adorn, showing the care and skill of the maker. 
This book includes complete instructions on sock and stocking knitting as well as a remarkable selection of the heel and toe constructions used in traditional Estonian knitting. Over 200 stocking, sock and leg warmer designs offer inspiration for both traditional knitting and the creation of new sock patterns. The author’s photographs encourage you to wear Estonian socks and stockings with modern clothing. Learn to knit socks the Estonian way!
Språk Engelska
Antal sidor Inbunden, 384 sidor
Utgivningsår 2018
Förlag Saara Kirjastus
ISBN 9789949726820

Estonian Pick-up Woven Belts

457,55 kr inkl moms
Författare Piia Rand
The exquisitely patterned woven belts have been an integral part of folk dress for centuries. The belt was used to support the bank, while the patterns themselves brought luck and protected the wearer from the evil. Pick-up weaving is a part of our cultural heritage that is worth preserving. Author Piia Rand has avidly researched Estonian pick-up woven belts for many years and now passes her knowledge on to you. 
The book includes through step by step instructions on how to weave pick-up patterns, illustrated by 224 different Estonian belts with charts, photos and acquisition notes. The lovely belt patterns are also highly suitable for knitting or embroidery.
Antal sidor Inbunden, 288 sidor
Språk Engelska
Utgivningsår 2019
Förlag Saara Kirjastus
ISBN 9789949726882

Goldwork av Helen McCook (Royal School of Needlework)

179,25 kr inkl moms

The Royal School of Needlework (RSN) teaches hand embroidery to the highest standard and is well respected all over the world. It not only upholds the traditions of English embroidery that go back many hundreds of years, but is constantly taking embroidery forward in new and innovative ways. This series of Essential Stitch Guides has been produced in close collaboration with the RSN with the aim of providing a set of definitive works on traditional embroidery techniques. All of the authors were chosen by the RSN and all are graduate apprentices of the Royal School. Goldwork is all about the interplay of colour, texture and light, and it is this quality that is at the heart of Helen McCook’s work. The book starts with a historical account of goldwork, then moves on to the materials and equipment required, framing up, how to transfer a design on to fabric and how to start and finish a thread. The main section of the book then covers all of the essential stitches and techniques through clear, step-by-step diagrams and photographs, coupled with beautiful, close-up photographs showing how then can be used in a finished piece. These include couching, bricking, basketweave, cutwork, spangles, s-ing, pearl purl, plate and kid. The book ends with a section in which the techniques described in the previous section are combined to create finished pieces, all beautifully and exquisitely worked by the author.

Antal sidor Spiralbunden 96 sidor

Utgivningsår 2012

Förlag Search Press

Språk Engelska

ISBN 9781844487028

Hiberknitting number 1 Stephen West

231,13 kr inkl moms

Författare Stephen West

Hiberknitting features six patterns to inspire and comfort knitters. Two shawls, a color blocked cowl, two hats, and a cozy top-down sweater make picking the perfect project for the Hiberknitting season a breeze. The collection features West’s signature graphic designs, garter stripes and angular chevrons, knit-purl texture and neutral-with-a-pop color choices.
West has collaborated with German visual artist Stefan Gunnesch to reimagine the knitwear of Hiberknitting in mixed-media collage, opening the book with a gallery of lush, striking images that give Westknits fans a new insight into the designer’s multi-disciplinary creative practice.

The new designs include…

Cozy Corner Shawl
Hiberknitting Cowl
Hiberknitting Hat
Night Nook Sweater
Slumber Shawl
Snow Flurries Hat

Antal sidor Häftad, 68 sidor

Utgivningsår 2019

Utgivare Stephen & Penelope

ISBN 9780985131784

How to Knit a Haapsalu Shawl

108,49 kr inkl moms
Författare Siiri Reimann
The Haapsalu lace knitting tradition evolved in the Estonian resort town of Haapsalu a couple of hundred years ago, and still flourishes today. People far and wide are becoming more interested in the delicate lace of Haapsalu and how to produce it.
How to Knit a Haapsalu Shawl has been compiled by Haapsalu’s master knitter and teacher Siiri Reimann. The booklet is a thorough step-by-step instruction manual on how to knit a rectangular Haapsalu shawl – from picking the patterns, calculating the number of stitches, casting on, to knitting the shawl, attaching the lace edging, and blocking the shawl. The instructions are supplemented with nine of the most popular stitch patterns. You too can knit an exquisite gossamer-like Haapsalu shawl that fits through a ring. 
Antal sidor Häfte, 36 sidor
Språk Engelska
Utgivningsår 2017
Förlag Saara Kirjastus
ISBN 9789949994915
Laine 9 2019 1833

Laine 2019 Nr 9 ”1833”

259,43 kr inkl moms

Issue #9

Laine Autumn/Winter 2019 includes:

· 140 pages
· 13 knitting patterns, beautifully photographed and illustrated
· An interview with Lavanya Patricella
· A long-format story about Petra Mikaelsson from Fru Valborg
· My story by Kristine Vejar from A Verb For Keeping Warm
· A column by our regular columnist Jeanette Sloan
· Seasonal recipes
· A travel guide to Munich featuring the best spots to stay, eat and shop.

Designers featured in this issue: Fiona Alice, Rachel Brockman, Olga Buraya-Kefelian, Aleks Byrd, Renée Callahan, Verena Cohrs, Elly Fales, Whitney Hayward, Marianne Munier, Lavanya Patricella, Lucía Ruiz de Aguirre, Susanne Sommer and Becky Sørensen.

Living Willow Sculpture

108,49 kr inkl moms

Författare Jon Warnes

Willow is an exciting material to work with. It is adaptable, easy to work with, and it will grow in a range of soils. Its quick growth gives almost immediate results and, as there is a great variety of leaf shape and stem colour, structures look attractive throughout the year. Jon Warnes shows how to build a wonderful selection of decorative, functional and fun objects for the garden.

Antal sidor Häftad, 48 sidor

Språk Engelska

Utgivningsår 2001

Utgivare Search Press

ISBN 9780855328344

Make a Windsor Chair

198,11 kr inkl moms

Författare Mike Dunbar

Making a Windsor chair is one of the purest forms of woodworking–and one of the most fulfilling. With a few specialized tools, greenwood straight from the forest and some expert instruction, even beginners can craft an heirloom.

In this book, chairmaking expert Mike Dunbar will show you exactly how. Dunbar, who has personally taught more than 3,000 students over the last 30 years, details every step in building sackback and continuous-arm Windsors. You’ll learn how to:

  • Choose and use the tools you need for efficient work.
  • Carve a comfortable seat.
  • Make well-proportioned legs, stretchers and spindles.
  • Rive and steam-bend a chair back.
  • Assemble joints for a perfect fit the first time.

Plus, this expanded edition (with 32 additional pages) includes a chapter on fixing chairmaking mistakes, one of the most common issues Mike’s students ask about.

Follow the professional tricks, tips, and techniques in this updated and expanded edition and you’ll have a chair that will stay tight and true for generations.

Antal sidor Häftad, 192 sidor

Språk Engelska

Utgivningsår 2013

Utgivare Popular Woodworking Books

ISBN 9781440334818


Materialsats Åhlmössa

180,00 kr inkl moms

Materialsats med garn och stickbeskrivning till Spelmansmössa från Åhls socken i Dalarna.

Material Ull (Rauma finullgarn i färger enligt mönsterbeskrivning)

Storlek Vuxen

Stickor Du stickar mössan på rundsticka nr 2 (40 cm) samt strumstickor nr 2. Stickor ingår ej i materialsatsen men går att beställa separat.

Språk Beskrivningen finns på svenska och engelska. Ange när du lägger till i kassan vilket på språk du önskar beskrivningen.

Mönstret har arbetats fram av Sätergläntans butik.


Mönster Åhlmössa

40,00 kr inkl moms

Mönster och stickbeskrivning till Spelmansmössa från Åhls socken i Dalarna. Mönstret passar bra till Rauma finullgarn och liknande kvaliteter.

Storlek Vuxen

Stickor Du stickar mössan på rundsticka nr 2 (40 cm) samt strumstickor nr 2. Stickor ingår ej i materialsatsen men går att beställa separat.

Språk Beskrivningen finns på svenska och engelska. Ange när du lägger till i kassan vilket på språk du önskar beskrivningen.

Mönstret har arbetats fram av Sätergläntans butik.

Pom Pom Quarterly 31 Winter 2019

234,91 kr inkl moms

Pom Pom Quarterly är en sticktidskrift från Storbritannien

Welcome to winter, a collection of patterns inspired by terrain awaits you. The designs are a nod to the tactile and three-dimensional nature of knitwear, but also explorations of the deeper meanings of maps, journeys, and boundaries. The designers, yarn producers, and writers come from, have moved to, and have cultural roots in many different parts of the world. We hope that the stories that are woven into their words and designs will ground you at this busy time of year.

Featuring designs by


These designers are also joined by Sophia Cai, discussing the powerful meaning behind an important jumper project, Yukako Satone of Loop of the Loom with a unique mud-dyeing tutorial for a striking wall hanging, and sweet treats are provided by Kat Goldin with her twist on the chocolate classic rocky road.

Our location for this issue was Pedernales Falls State Park in central Texas, a significant place of natural beauty and ecological importance. In recognition of the Indigenous communities that were stewards of this land, a percentage of this issue’s sales will be donated to the Society of Native Nations.

Printed in the UK on lovely heavy paper.

– includes digital download –

recipes, articles, tutorials + more!

Pom Pom Magazine Spring 2020 omslag

Pom Pom Quarterly 32 Spring 2020

234,91 kr inkl moms

Pom Pom Quarterly är en sticktidskrift från Storbritannien

Spring is just around the corner to reinvigorate us with longer days and buds bursting forth. We’re welcoming sweet spring breezes with our first theme of the new decade – air.
This precious and fragile element unites us, and our designers translated this ethereal concept into tangible knits and crochet. Each pattern captures the spaces between the stitches, with gauzy mohairs, modern lace, and airy open textures.

Featuring designs by:


For art direction and styling, we collaborated with multi-disciplinary artist Ocean Rose to capture this collection of atmospheric patterns. Ocean also lends their talents for a how-to on flower arranging so you can create your own welcome to spring with a floating botanical decoration. Your taste buds will be catered for by Kat Goldin’s meringue recipe, and finally we have an interview with body-positive activist and designer Jacqueline Cieslack.

Pause, take a deep breath and find your space this spring.

Printed in the UK on lovely heavy paper.

– includes digital download –

recipes, articles, tutorials + more!

Royal School of Needlework Book of Embroidery

405,66 kr inkl moms

A rich source of embroidery stitches, techniques and projects from the Royal School of Needlework.

New from the world-renowned Royal School of Needlework, this beautiful book is a rich source of embroidery techniques, stitches and projects, covering eight key subjects in detail: crewelwork, bead embroidery, stumpwork, canvaswork, goldwork, whitework, blackwork and silk shading. Containing all the trusted, bestselling content from the RSN Essential Stitch Guide series, plus a new section on mounting your finished work, this fantastic book is a must-have for all embroiderers. Fully redesigned and integrated, the original eight titles have been given a new lease of life in this larger format.

Antal sidor Inbunden 400 sidor

Utgivningsår 2018

Förlag Search Press

Språk Engelska

ISBN 9781782216063

Selvedge 87 Folk Art

231,13 kr inkl moms

Selvedge – The Fabric of Your Life. Textiltidskrift som ges ut i Storbritannien.

Issue 87 Folk Art

Mars-april 2019

What is Folk Art? We find out what is so special about Santa Fe

Living Modern Wanda Corn unlocks the wardrobe of Georgia O’Keefe

Modern Love Alexander Girard and the sources of Modernism

Not so so-so Somporn Intaraprayong’s hand-stitched expression

Artistic License Designers using museum resources

White Needlework Mamta Varma’s Chikan embroidery

Mario Testino Peruvian Alta Moda

Mexican Artist Eli Sudbrack

Mexico Modern Carla Fernandez

Santa Fe Dry Good

High Fashion Peru Travel

Tickled Pink Keith Ricker Discoveries Cochineal in Oaxaca

Mind the shop Shopping at ANORA in Mexico City

Dance, Dance, Dance: Morris Dancers

Selvedge 89 Latin: Viva la Mexico (juli-augusti 2019)

231,13 kr inkl moms

Selvedge – The Fabric of Your Life. Textiltidskrift som ges ut i Storbritannien.

Issue 89 Latin: Viva la Mexico

Juli-augusti 2019

Issue 89 Latin: Viva la Mexico

CONCRETE JUNGLE Xilitla Gardens, a Library the home of Carla Fernández
FASHION FOR REVOLUTIONARIES Rebozo scarf in the west by Ruth Styles
LIFE’S RICH TAPESTRY Taller de Gobelinos de Guadalajara Tapestry Studio
HIT THE ROAD Josef and Anni Albers’ Latin American road trip
PRIMARY COLOURS Indigo, cochineal and Tyrian purple
A LEGACY Unearthing the roots of Pre-Columbian textiles
FACTORY FARMING Natural dying at Tintoria di Quaregna
CORNFED Fernando Laposse weaves material magic
TALKING SHOP Remigio Mestas, Shop Keeper
FIVE FABRICS That can change the world
ONORA Mexico City’s best-kept secret
BE THE CHANGE Khadi Oaxaca
CUT A RUG Biyuu carpet factory
WELL-ROUNDED Madda Forcella rugs
LOOP THE LOOP Ropa De Genero knits
WEAVERS OF THE CLOUDS Textile arts of Peru
PLANT THE SEEDS Angela Damman in Yucatán