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Bunad nr 1 2019

188,68 kr inkl moms

Nummer 1 / 2019 av norska tidskriften ”Bunad” om dräkt



Minneord Ola Marie Breivik

Omslagstrøyekleda i Tinn

Flintoe og folkedraktene

K.E. Sando Gullsmed med lange tradisjoner

Fibernerderne på Krivi Vev

Felagi. Nytt tilskudd til tekstilbygda Tingvoll

Møre Bånd og Vev. Maskinvev er også et håndverk

Ny rundtrøyebunad fra Tuddal

Lars Fykered. Spelemann med rockestjernestatus

Rødlistekurs på Notodden

Det sanselige 1700-tallet

Vi besøker Hilde Sandvold Bjerke, elev på bunadopplæringa

Hemslöjd 2019 Nr 4 ”Bärkraft”

89,62 kr inkl moms

Spån, läder och hemspunnen tråd. I senaste numret träffar du Mahatma Gandhi vid spinnrocken, får läsa om kampen för Hedaredskorgen, Märta Måås Fjetterströms 100 år av vävning och mycket mer.

Laine Magazine nr 8 2019 ”Kelo”

259,43 kr inkl moms

Laine nr 8 innehåller:

140 sidor med…

· 11 knitting patterns from a talented group of designers: Justyna Lorkowska, Denise Bayron, Libby Jonson, Julie Dubreux, Leeni Hoimela, Astrid Troland, Sus Gepard, Éveline Cantin-Bergeron, Jenny Sauselein and Marjorie Martin. (Please see the full list of yarns featured below.)

· an interview with Susan Crawford

· a long-format story about Ocean Rose

· my story by Pauline Copin-Herriot of Lain’amourée

· a column by Jeanette Sloan (Jeanette will continue as our columnist in the future, as well)

· seasonal recipes

· a travel guide to our dear hometown, Tampere, featuring the best spots to stay, eat and shop

Patterns & Yarns


1) HONEYDEW, sweater
Justyna Lorkowska
Yarns: Cashmerino by Martin’s Lab (colourway: Wheat) and Silky Mohair by Martin’s Lab (colourway: Wheat)

2) GEORGIE, sweater
Libby Jonson
Yarn: Bohemia Sport by Outlaw Yarn (colourway: Fog)

3) GRACE, sweater
Denise Bayron
Yarn: Puffin by Quince & Co. (colourway: Egret)

4) PASVIK, shawl
Julie Dubreux
Yarn: Gilliatt by De Rerum Natura (colourway: Poivre et Sal)

5) HEATHER, socks
Ash Alberg
Yarn: Natural Sock by Woolly Mammoth Fibre Co. (colourway: Peony Mauve)

6) UOMA, sweater
Leeni Hoimela
Yarn: Leizu Fingering Simple by Julie Asselin (colourway: Fleurs Pressées)

Astrid Troland
Yarns: Le Petit Lambswool by Biches et Bûches (colourway: Beige) and Alpaca 1 by Isager (colourway: 61)

8) WATERLILY, cardigan
Sus Gepard
Yarns: Wild Wool Silk by Gepard Garn (colouway: 810) and Kid Seta by Gepard Garn (colourway: 812)

9) CIMES, sweater
Éveline Cantin-Bergeron
Yarn: DK Twist by Madelinetosh (colourway: Cactus)

10) ROSEBAY, scarf
Jenny Sauselein
Yarn: Loft by Brooklyn Tweed (colourway: Postcard)

11) LAKKA, cardigan
Marjorie Martin
Yarn: British Gotland DK by The Little Grey Sheep (colourway: Naturally)

Laine 2018 Nr 6 ”Heritage”

259,43 kr inkl moms

This issue has patterns for both advanced, adventurous knitters as well as beginners. They feature lace and colourwork, cables and bobbles and different textured stitch patterns. We have an interesting mixture of more rustic yarns and drapey merinos, alpacas and cashmere. Different yarn weights are also put to good use, with thicker yarns and needles used both for intricate, detailed patterns and quicker knits.

As you already know, issue 6 was shot in Iceland this August. The rugged landscapes are present throughout the issue, both to serve as inspiration and to provide the most stunning backdrop for the beautiful designs. We also made a travel guide to Reykjavik, listing some of our favourite places for shopping, relaxing and eating.

One of the things I find myself going back to time and time again are the in-depth interviews with some of our favourite makers. It’s always inspiring to hear where they’ve come from, what inspires them and how they describe this community of ours. This time you can read about The Queen of Brioche Nancy Marchant and about Hélène Magnússon, also known as the Icelandic Knitter, who’s also one of the designers featured in the issue.

To top it off, there are also some delicious, seasonal recipes for you to enjoy this autumn.

Laine is a high-quality Nordic knit & lifestyle magazine for knit folks. We cherish natural fibres, slow living, local craftsmanship and beautiful, simple things in life. Our intention is to inspire you to gather and share, to be part of a community of like-minded knitters, makers and thinkers from near and far. Knitting is more than just knit, knit, purl. It is a feeling.

Pom Pom Quarterly 29 sommar 2019

240,57 kr inkl moms

Sommarnumret av brittiska sticktidskriften Pom Pom Quarterly.

Summer is just around the corner! The nine designs this issue were inspired by ceramic tiles, terracotta, and sand, so expect earthy shades with splashes of colour and organic, repeating patterns. For your summer wardrobe, we have essential summer tops and tees, a cardigan, a shawl, and a crochet bag – all light and breezy for warmer days.

We’re also excited that we’ve finally been able to add more pages to the magazine. This means more room for the gorgeous photography you love, an increased font size, and a wider range of sizes for some patterns (with the aim for all patterns in future issues).

Featuring designs by


This issue includes an interview with Emi Ito, who answers our questions of creativity and misappropriation. ‘Learning and Unlearning’ unpicks the issues of cultural appropriation and diversity, important topics we have been reevaluating.

We also have yarn-free based projects to enjoy while the sun shines. If you’re on the lookout for a new craft to try, we have a project bag tutorial by artist Arrounna Khounnoraj, of <a href=”https://www.bookhou.com/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Bookhou</a>. She’ll show you how to block-print your own fabric, perfect for creating your own tile-inspired tessellating patterns! Plus Rebecca Lawrence’s recipe for her Maple Bourbon Fudge is an easy way to whip up an impressive sweet treat to share with friends.

Pom Pom Quarterly 30 Autumn 2019

234,91 kr inkl moms

This Autumn we’re heading to the coast with our knitting. The patterns this issue are inspired by the sea, its surroundings, and its beautiful ever-changing shapes and textures.

The yarn palette draws from the many colours of the sea, as well as the soft shades of sand, shingle, and shells. Our designers have created a treasure chest of patterns: four jumpers, two wraps, a cardi, a tee, and a hat that will see you from high tide to low tide as the season shifts.

Featuring designs by


Other contributions include poetry and images from Ocean Rose, musings on sailors’ knots and knitting from Clara Parkes, and an easy pickle recipe from Rebecca Lawrence to give you a taste of salty seas.

Printed in the UK on lovely heavy paper.

– includes digital download –

recipes, articles, tutorials + more!

Selvedge 91 Luxe (november-december 2019)

231,13 kr inkl moms

Selvedge – The Fabric of Your Life. Textiltidskrift som ges ut i Storbritannien.

Issue 91 Luxe

November-december 2019

”Made in China 2025 is a government initiative which aims to move China away from being the world’s factory (producing cheap, low-quality goods due to lower labour costs) towards producing higher-value products and services. This vision for the future is, in fact, a return to the past, as silk, one of the worlds high-end fibres was discovered in China, the oldest examples date to around 3630 BC. Originally reserved for the elite, silk was used as currency as well as clothing, and the monopoly of sericulture production was a closely guarded secret for over a thousand years.

For as long as I can remember I have found fashion and textiles compelling. I have interned with every museum costume department that would have me, from the FIT in New York to the V&A. Before my PhD, I worked as an assistant curator at the Harris Museum, with their wonderful Horrockses Fashions collection. Now I combine being features editor at Selvedge with living all over the world (Bermuda, Ireland, India, Qatar, Jersey and Gibraltar…so far). Reading about cloth is my perfect job.

Slowly the secret leaked first to Thailand where we can now enjoy the beauty of Jim Thompson’s home in Bangkok, the man credited with reviving the Thai silk industry in the 1950s. Silk also travelled to India, before spreading to the Byzantine empire, and eventually, silk weaving was established in Persia and Italy where it thrives today. The Silk Road derives its name from the lucrative trade in silk carried out along the length of these interconnecting routes.

In this issue, we trace silk from its Chinese origins and follow it along the Silk Road through Uzbekistan, and stopping off in Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand. We also visit India, where we discover eri silk, the contemporary silk prints of The Summer House, and the exquisite embroidery of Asif Shaikh. Then to Afghanistan, where the French photographer Matthieu Paley shares his precious intimate images of the Kyrgyz nomads. Finally, we come to Europe, where silk caused quite a stir in 16th century London, to contemporary fashion brand Carcel who work in the Chiang Mai Women’s Correctional Institution, Thailand, pioneering a new model for prison employment.

I hope you are able to join me at Mary Ward House for our annual winter fair where Anna-Louise Meynell will be showing beautiful eri silks and we can all enjoy a little luxury this holiday.” Polly Leonard, Founder

Selvedge 90 West (september-oktober 2019)

231,13 kr inkl moms

Selvedge – The Fabric of Your Life. Textiltidskrift som ges ut i Storbritannien.

Issue 90 West

September-oktober 2019


”‘Go West, young man’ is a phrase often credited to the American author and newspaper editor Horace Greeley concerning America’s expansion westward. No one has yet proven who first used this phrase in print, but it certainly captures the independent, free thinking, adventurous lives of Heidi Bjørnsdotter Thorvik from Norway, and Nicola Kilmartin in the Falkland Islands. They share a desire to create beauty from meagre, locally available natural resources, and their spirit is admirable. Unfortunately, a hunger for wealth and adventure has historically resulted in a disregard for indiginous peoples. However, during the last century we witnessed growing engagement with the value of indiginous cultures. Initial attempts to bring such works to public attention had mixed results, despite the beauty of what had been created. This was the case with the remarkable printed textiles produced in the 1950-60s at the Kinngait Studios, on Baffin Island in the Qikiqtaaluk Region of Nunavut, Canada. More recently, we have seen the adaptation of the Cowichan sweater and their confirmation as national symbol when worn by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. There has also been a heartening increase of appreciation of Coast Salish weaving by museums, as well as interest in the contemporary work of former professional snow boarder and Kwakwaka’wakw Meghann O’Brien. Perhaps the most gratifying examples of cultural heritage are those that are alive and well today, such as the handknit gloves from Sanquhar Dumfries and Galloway, or the Irish aran sweater, that have travelled the world and gained favour with Hollywood stars and the political elite. We also turn to societies with an ingrained respect for their material history such as Samurai warriors, and the Ainu people of Northern Japan with their beautiful graphic robes. Finally, in this issue we explore the needle as a narrative tool, telling the story of the Glasgow Girls, Ireland’s Ros tapestry, and the camaraderie of stitching in Tracey Chevalier’s new novel A Single Thread.”

Selvedge 89 Latin: Viva la Mexico (juli-augusti 2019)

231,13 kr inkl moms

Selvedge – The Fabric of Your Life. Textiltidskrift som ges ut i Storbritannien.

Issue 89 Latin: Viva la Mexico

Juli-augusti 2019

Issue 89 Latin: Viva la Mexico

CONCRETE JUNGLE Xilitla Gardens, a Library the home of Carla Fernández
FASHION FOR REVOLUTIONARIES Rebozo scarf in the west by Ruth Styles
LIFE’S RICH TAPESTRY Taller de Gobelinos de Guadalajara Tapestry Studio
HIT THE ROAD Josef and Anni Albers’ Latin American road trip
PRIMARY COLOURS Indigo, cochineal and Tyrian purple
A LEGACY Unearthing the roots of Pre-Columbian textiles
FACTORY FARMING Natural dying at Tintoria di Quaregna
CORNFED Fernando Laposse weaves material magic
TALKING SHOP Remigio Mestas, Shop Keeper
FIVE FABRICS That can change the world
ONORA Mexico City’s best-kept secret
BE THE CHANGE Khadi Oaxaca
CUT A RUG Biyuu carpet factory
WELL-ROUNDED Madda Forcella rugs
LOOP THE LOOP Ropa De Genero knits
WEAVERS OF THE CLOUDS Textile arts of Peru
PLANT THE SEEDS Angela Damman in Yucatán

Selvedge 87 Folk Art

231,13 kr inkl moms

Selvedge – The Fabric of Your Life. Textiltidskrift som ges ut i Storbritannien.

Issue 87 Folk Art

Mars-april 2019

What is Folk Art? We find out what is so special about Santa Fe

Living Modern Wanda Corn unlocks the wardrobe of Georgia O’Keefe

Modern Love Alexander Girard and the sources of Modernism

Not so so-so Somporn Intaraprayong’s hand-stitched expression

Artistic License Designers using museum resources

White Needlework Mamta Varma’s Chikan embroidery

Mario Testino Peruvian Alta Moda

Mexican Artist Eli Sudbrack

Mexico Modern Carla Fernandez

Santa Fe Dry Good

High Fashion Peru Travel

Tickled Pink Keith Ricker Discoveries Cochineal in Oaxaca

Mind the shop Shopping at ANORA in Mexico City

Dance, Dance, Dance: Morris Dancers

VÄV 2019 Nr 3 svenska

80,19 kr inkl moms

VÄVmagasinet | Scandinavian Weaving Magazine

Innehåll i 2019-3 Tema ”Hållbart mode”

8 Allas våra berättelser
11 Trasmattsfest
12 Textilt kretslopp
15 Textila utbildningar:
16 Konstfack i Stockholm
17 HDK – Göteborgs universitet
18 Textilhögskolan i Borås
19 Handarbetets Vänner i Stockholm
20 Capellagården på Öland
21 Amy Revier möter Capellagården
22 Sätergläntan
23 Nyckelviksskolan i Stockholm
24 Stenebyskolan i Dals Långed
25 Undersökande materialitet
26 Anatoliska hampvävnader
28 Mönstermagi
30 Klädkonst
32 En blekrosa kroppsskrud
33 Igenkänning
36 Väv beklädnadstyger!
40 Hållbart mode

Fasta sidor
5 Inslaget
6 På tapeten
66 Kalender
68 Bokdisken
69 Beställningar
70 Nästa nummer

42 Handvävd Couture
44 Fiskbensmönstrad sommar
46 Fiskbensmönstrad vinter
48 Den lilla rutan
50 Stora rutor i stramalj
52 Små rutor i silke
54 Yllejacka i stramalj
56 Rak kjol i kypert
58 Väv till tröja i kimonoskärning
60 Bärbart

52 Klädd i indigoblått
54 Randiga och rutiga blå-vita handdukar
56 I vått och torrt
58 Blå matta med rosiga ränder
60 Randigt och rosengång

VÄV 2019 Nr 3 English

80,19 kr inkl moms

VÄVmagasinet | Scandinavian Weaving Magazine

Contents 2019-3 Theme ”Sustainable Fashion”

8 Everyone’s Story Our Own
11 A Rag Rug Fest
12 Textiles, Coming Full Circle
15 Textile Courses in Sweden
16 Konstfack, Stockholm
17 HDK – University of Gothenburg
18 The Swedish School of Textiles In Borås
19 Friends of Handicraft, Stockholm
20 Capellagården, Öland
21 Amy Revier meets Capellagården
22 Sätergläntan Institute of Crafts
23 Nyckelviksskolan in Stockholm
24 Stenebyskolan in Dals Långed
25 Investigating Materiality
26 Anatolian Hemp Weaving
28 Pattern Magic
30 Apparel Art
32 Pale Pink Body Raiment
33 Recognition
36 Weave Your Own Garment Cloth!
40 Sustainable FashionRegular Features
5 Editorial
6 Textile News
66 Calendar
68 Book Shelf
69 Orders
70 Next Issue

Drafts and Projects
42 Handwoven Couture
44 The Summer Herringbone
46 And the Winter Herringbone
48 The Littlest of Checks
50 Large Checks in Lace Weave
52 Top with Little Silky Checks
54 Woollen Jacket in Lace Weave
56 Straight Skirt in Twill
58 Woven Sweater with Grown-on Sleeves
60 Portable Style

VÄV 2018 Nr 6

80,19 kr inkl moms

VÄVmagasinet | Scandinavian Weaving Magazine

Innehåll i 2018-4

10 Hantverksskickligt in i minsta detalj
14 Efterlämningar
18 Det handlar om resurser
20 Nanbu-Sakiori
22 Sakiorikonst
23 Borotextilier på museum
24 Boucherouitemuseum i Marrakech
25 Boucherouite
27 Nyanser och ytor
32 Filleklée – en västvärmländsk textil
36 Trasmattor à la Finland

5 Inslaget
6 På tapeten
8 Vi har sett
12 Utställning
13 Vi har sett
23 Vi har sett
30 En textil berättar: Svart trasrya
60 Vävskolan: avslutning på en trasmatta
66 Utställningar
67 Vi har läst
68 Bokdisken
69 Beställningar
70 Nästa nummer

34 Filleklée Rosenkransen
38 Trasmatta à la Finland
40 Rutig trasmatta med kulörta ränder
42 Pastellrutor
44 Tårtryor
46 Piggbodamattan
48 Klassiskt randigt
50 Glesrips med lite av mycket
52 Kuddar i sakiori och noppväv
54 Trasmattan Norrsken
56 Sängmattor med frottétrasor
58 Tre mattor i samma varp